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400+ million global reach

3 000+ premium influencers

2 000+ Delivered Campaigns

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We create content people want to watch - not skip!

400+ million global reach

3 000+ premium influencers

2 000+ Delivered Campaigns


We have build a premium influencer network with a global reach of 400+ million followers.

400+ million global reach

3 000+ premium influencers

2 000+ Delivered Campaigns

We help you break through the noise?

We are a digital media house and a one-stop-shop for brands who wants to succeed in social media.

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Influencer Marketing

Let influencers become the authentic voice of your next campaign!

Influencer marketing delivers X11 better ROI than traditional ads and 71% of millennials make their purchase decisions based on recommendations from influencers. We are the leading Nordic Influencer Marketing company with a track record of thousands of successful campaigns. Our influencer network has a reach of 400 million followers and includes some of the most iconic names on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

YouTube Ads

Take control of where your ads are seen!

With over 400 hours of content being uploaded every minute on YouTube – how do you make sure your ads are shown exclusively within a brand safe and premium environment? Splay is the leading YouTube network and the largest play platform in the Nordics. As we sell and reserve our own ad space on YouTube, we can guarantee you that your ads are shown only within Splays’ network of premium and brand safe content.

Splay Originals

Reach the ad-blocking generation with a content they want to watch – not skip.

”Splay Originals” is your own exclusive YouTube show built around your brand and the message you want to communicate. The show is hosted by some of the most engaging online influencers that fits your brand. The episodes will be distributed on our popular Splay channel and will be enjoyed by houndred thousands of potential clients.

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Marabou Chokladhus

The Swedish chocolate company Marabou came to us with a tough mission. They wanted to challenge the traditional christmas gingerbread house and have people build the houses out of chocolate instead.

Our solution: A cross platform campaign strategy involving some of Sweden’s most influential YouTube and Instagram stars. We created a YouTube-tag with some of Sweden’s most influential YouTubers. The participating influencers created videos of bu

We kickstarted the campaign by creating a so called YouTube-tag. Basically a challenge passed on from YouTuber to YouTuber. 10 influencers took part in the YouTube part of the campaign and their videos gathered more than 2 million views, creating a trend on YouTube in which other influencers started building and sharing their own Marabou Christmas Houses.

Adding upon that, we took the campaign to Instagram. We had xx influencers create chocolate houses and uploading images of their creations under the hashtag #Marabouchokladhus. The YouTube trend quickly turned to Instragram and the hashtag gathered more than 3000 images.

All and all, it’s pretty safe to say that Marabou succeeded with their mission. Marabou increased their December sales with 20%!



Years of consumed content

All and all, 26 years of content was consumed on all videos uploaded to YouTube under the tag.


Sales Increase

Marabou increased their sales in December with 20%, making it their best financial December. Ever.


Million Views

The videos uploaded by the participating influencers gathered more than 2,2 millions views.

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