We help brands and influencers succeed in social media


Splay was founded with a mission: To help creators and advertisers to succeed in social media. We started back in 2013 in a small basement and become the first YouTube-network (MCN) in the Nordics. Today, we have grown into a full-blown digital media house with more than 80 employees, offices in 4 markets and operations in additional 15 countries. We have built an influencer network with an incredible global reach of 400 million followers across Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. And we deliver more digital video views than any other broadcaster in the Nordics.

Our passion is online video. We are experts in creating thumb-stopping content that people want to engage with and share with each other’s. But creating great content is not enough. You will also need a smart distribution strategy if you want to break through the noise. And you need the skills to grow and interact with your audience so they can turn into fans. Don’t you worry. We will help and guide you through the process. Together, we will make you successful in social media.

Welcome to Splay – the next generation digital media house.

Vigor Sörman, Founder & CEO